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Greenfeast: Autumn, Winter (US Edition)
Greenfeast: Autumn, Winter (American Edition)
American edition cookbook
Greenfeast: Autumn, Winter US Edition
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Greenfeast: Autumn, Winter (American Edition)
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Greenfeast: Autumn, Winter (US Edition)

Nigel Slater
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This is American edition of one of a pair of books (the other being called Spring, Summer which will have a US edition in April, 2021). In them, beloved English cook NIgel Slater demonstrates his gift for doing smart things with produce. The kind of smart things we all wish we could toss off on impulse but often need a bit of imaginative prompting to create.

Unlike the organization of most cookbooks, Greenfeast: Autumn, Winter offers its recipes arranged by how one might eat them or prepare them. Chapters have titles such as “In a pan,” and “With a crust,” which sounds particularly appetizing on a cold night. And quite often the simplicity of them seems calculated to be the sorts of things a cook chilled by a frosty walk home might prepare with little fuss or wait: sweet potatoes with jalapeños and beans; brussels sprouts, smoked mozzarella, and dill; noodles with lentils and sour cream; scones with chocolate, orange zest, and candied citrus peel.

It’s all vegetarian, too.

Cloth-covered flexibind. Color photographs throughout.

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