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Cookbook Club: Chef's Kitchen Supplement

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If you’re enthralled by the two monthly sessions of our Cookbook Club, we invite you to join the Chef’s Kitchen.

Each month you participate you will receive these benefits:

  • An additional 90-minute live Zoom session; this time, in the kitchen with Chef Annette Tomei as she cooks selected recipes from each featured cookbook. She’ll tackle pre-selected recipes from the perspective of a professional chef while deftly translating the tricks of her trade for the home cook. 
  • Prior to each session you’ll receive notification of the selected recipe(s) along with a list of tools, ingredients, and advance preparation instructions. You may choose to cook along with Annette, or watch and ask questions
  • You’ll receive a video recording of each session that you can refer back to as you cook your way through on your own. 
  • You’ll be part of a smaller, more intimate group, which gives more time for Annette to answer your questions about techniques, ingredient selection, timing, menu planning, and more.

Please note:

  • Annual members get one free Chef's Kitchen session each season; Chef Annette will arrange your enrollment in the session of your choice
  • There is no Chef's Kitchen session for August 2024 when there is no cooking involved in the Cookbook Club (we heard your requests about taking it easier over the summer)
  • The Chef's Kitchen Supplement only works for members of our Cookbook Club. You must be signed up for one of the Cookbook Club plans to participate in The Chef's Kitchen Supplement

Relevant Dates

Chef's Kitchen Events will take place at 1 pm ET on

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