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In French

La Découpe des Viandes de Boucherie

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by Alain Derue
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This is a portfolio of meat charts showing the location of traditional French butchery cuts.

There are nine detachable charts, suitable for hanging. Each chart unfolds to approximately 11¾”  by 15¾”. They include: 

  • Beef (3 charts
  • Veal (2 charts)
  • Sheep or lamb (2 charts)
  • Pork (2 charts)

The charts use both photographs and drawings to reveal how large portions of the animal are broken down. 

Given the highly idiomatic nature of butchery vocabulary, which online translators often struggle with, these are practical resources for understanding French-language texts and either making informed substitutions or fabricating the necessary cuts on your own.

Paperback. Photographs, and drawings. In French. 

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