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Signed Bilingual

Err: Urban Rustic Thai

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by Duangporn (Bo) Songvisava and Dylan Jones
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For a limited time we have copies signed by the authors*

Imported from Thailand, this book is self-published by chefs Duangporn (Bo) Songvisava and Dylan Jones and features "the Thai food we wanted to eat when we were drinking with our mates."

Songvisava and Jones were featured on Netflix The Chef's Table series for their restaurant Bo.lan, which had earned a Michelin star.  The food at their second restaurant, Err—the word is slang meaning, roughly, yeah!—is less refined and heartier, and captures a late-night, street food vibe that's long on flavor and on the use of ingredients you would not commonly find in a fine dining restaurant.

Among the recipes:

  • Fermented pork sausage
  • Grilled pork neck
  • Thai-style arancini filled with fermented fish
  • Mussels with Thai herbs
  • Watermelon seed salad with ginger, chiles, and lime leaves
  • Steamed egg custard with braised pork and eggplant

Energetically designed, the book is bilingual in English and Thai. The authors' voice is fun-loving, irreverent, and emphatic, which adds to the sense of vibrancy created by photographs of not only the food of Bangkok street and market scenes.

A glossary of terms elaborates on specialty ingredients and a few techniques, and the authors at times transliterate some Thai words differently than they commonly are; this is in order to help English speakers sound more like native speakers. For instance, the dish which shows up on many menus as pad Thai they call phat Thai—and insist that it's not what they're serving anyway.

Bilingual in English and Thai. Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

*Each book is signed with an message of some kind and we have not seen the same one repeated in any of the books we have received—which is taking much more care than many authors do when they sign.  Some books are signed by each chef, using different colors of ink, and in other cases it appears one of the chefs has signed for both. Please let us choose which copy you get.

Published: April 1, 2023

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