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A Woman's Drink: Bold Recipes for Bold Women

A Woman's Drink: Bold Recipes for Bold Women

Natalka Burian
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Burian's introduction to this book lays out its case very well:
Unfortunately, many people believe that craft cocktails are formal, inflexible, and nearly always the domain of men. The pre-Prohibition cocktail craze has produced bars, books, articles, and nostalgia for a time when women couldn't vote or go out alone.  The spirit of women in these spaces is demure, and accompanied...Mixing and sharing drinks should be an adaptable, informal, and joyful practice, and not a masculine pastime by default.
As the proprietor of successful drinking establishments, Burian is in an excellent position to demonstrate just how true that is, with a collection of enticing drinks—and a few boozy snacks—that run the gamut from spirit-forward to refreshingly light. Dragon fruit rum, red pepper, and peach daiquiri; mezcal gimlet with Aperol; tomatillo Bloody Mary's. Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.
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