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The Bartender's Pantry: A Beverage Handbook for the Universal Bar

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by Jim Meehan and Bart Sasso with Emma Janzen
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A handbook for understanding bar ingredients in an entirely new way.

Base spirits, liqueurs, and bitters are not the only ingredients which matter in finely constructed cocktails. And the ever more popular category of non-alcoholic drinks demonstrates just how crucial it is for bartenders to understand all ingredients they’re using in developing their bar programs.

This practical and innovative book focuses on ten categories of commonly used ingredients, illuminating how they are grown, processed, and shipped so that you can understand which of their qualities are important in beverage concoction and development.

There are chapters on sugars; spices; dairy; grains and nuts; fruits; vegetables, flowers, and herbs; coffee; tea; soda and mineral water; and ferments. Each chapter includes recipes from leading bartenders, and the occasional chef, demonstrating how best to take advantage of the ingredients.

Throughout the book, authors Jim Meehan, Bart Sasso, and Emma Janzen, all veterans of different aspects of the cocktail trade, place an emphasis on understanding where ingredients come from and on supporting the small and local suppliers who are invested in the quality of their offerings.

A book without any near equal.

Flexibind. Color photographs and illustrations.

Published: June 11, 2024

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