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Book Cover: The 12 Bottle Bar: A Dozen Bottles. Hundreds of Cocktails...

The 12 Bottle Bar: A Dozen Bottles. Hundreds of Cocktails...

David Solmonson & Lesley Solmonson
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If you’re interested in moving beyond the point when your liquor cabinet contains more than the vestiges of the last couple of parties you threw, The 12 Bottle Bar offers a plan for setting up a sophisticated home bar.

The Solmonsons are ambitious amateurs who have created an impressive portfolio of drinks. Their dozen bottles are a little surprising—no tequila, rye instead of bourbon, the inclusion of gin’s assertive parent liquor, genever--but the historic and newly minted cocktails they include will catch your attention. Try a watermelon rum shrub, a gin-blind drawn from a British naval commander, or the Mexican-inspired El Tamarindo built on a base of white rum. Fun and useful at the same time.


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