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Fruitcake Contest 2023

Fruitcake Contest 2023

It’s time to get into the holiday spirit. And what better way than with sweet treats, good company, and a few festive surprises? 

The Kitchen Arts & Letters Holiday Baking Contests are back, and better than ever, and we want you to join in on the fun. You’re invited to take part in two sweet and friendly baking contests that have become beloved traditions here at the store.

The Great Fruitcake Redemption

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Festivities begin at 1 PM 

Fruitcake lovers unite—Good fruitcake is no joke!

We’re not talking about the rock-hard slices of rubberized batter packed with garishly-colored candied fruit from which the soul has been drained. Those industrial products deserve to be reviled.

We’re talking about everything from traditional English fruitcakes, redolent with ancient spices and months of luxuriating in brandy, to marzipan-filled stollenpanettonepan forte, and treasured Caribbean black cakes. 

We want to take back fruitcake from the corporate overlords and celebrate the home bakers who do it right.

Is that you? We know you’re out there because you’ve been here with us over the years—you wonderful people who love good fruitcake. 

Join us Sunday, December 10 for the return of our Great Fruitcake Redemption Contest.

Judging begins at 1 pm. Entry is free. Two winners will be chosen by our panel of fruitcake aficionados. Each winner will receive a $100 Kitchen Arts & Letters gift certificate. 

The rules are really simple:

  • All cakes must be homemade. And must be FRUIT cakes!
  • Please bring your cake on a plate, ready to serve (if necessary, we’ll slice it here).
  • Cakes must arrive at KAL (1435 Lexington Avenue) by 12:30 pm on Sunday, December 10. 
  • Please provide a recipe name for each entry. And if there’s a great story, we’d love to hear it!
  • You do not need to be present to win but if you aren’t, you can’t sample all the other entries.

This year’s judges are: 

Mayukh Sen, who asks how and why fruitcake became a slur

Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen


Are you more of a cake eater than a cake baker? 

No problem… you’re invited too! There's always plenty to eat at our baking contests. Even if you've never creamed butter and sugar together, we'd love to see you here enjoying the goodies and holiday cheer.


To enter:

Send an email to Give us your name and phone number. There is no entry fee.

If you are mailing your cakes rather than delivering them yourself, please make sure they reach us by Saturday, December 2.


And Have a Cookie!

Click here to learn about our holiday cookie contest!

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