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The Kitchen Whisperers : Cooking with the Wisdom of Our Friends

The Kitchen Whisperers : Cooking with the Wisdom of Our Friends

Dorothy Kalins
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Dorothy Kalins has been involved in an impressive range of food publishing projects, from the founding of Saveur magazine to the development of books by esteemed and popular authors like David Tanis, Michael Solomonov, and Michael Anthony.

As important as she has been to so many cooks, here she humbly pays tribute to those from whom she has learned. These are not all household names, and their lessons are not always earthshattering. Yet when you read what Kalins has to say about why these cooks and their approaches have stayed with her over decades—decades filled with so much cooking and the voices and ideas of countless cooks—it becomes clear that Kalins has been integral to so many great projects precisely because she listens to the small, particular details and understands their implications.

There's a magic here, an evocation of people and places and foods and drinks that will help root what Kalins has learned in your memory.

Highly recommended.


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