Signed Combo: Bullipedia: The Origins of Cooking with The Family Meal (No Longer Available)

Signed Combo: Bullipedia: The Origins of Cooking with The Family Meal (No Longer Available)

Ferran Adria
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About Bullipedia: The Origins of Cooking
This is the third volume of the ambitious Bullipedia project to be translated into English. At nearly 600 pages, it draws on the work of a range of scientific consultants, as well as the insights of the perennially curious chef Ferran Adrià, to explore how humans and related species first began to prepare food. Illustrated throughout with maps, timelines, drawings, and abundant photographs, the book addresses subjects such as the development and use of tools, the importance of fire and the ability to make it, and how these factors changed and expanded the range of foods our distant ancestors could eat. These in turn changed how they evolved and how they began to structure their societies. Given that the first Homo species, Homo habilis, appeared more than 2 million years ago and the Neolithic age is judged to have ended about 6,500 years ago, the book covers a staggering span of years. It pays close attention to detail while remaining accessible to readers who don’t have any prior knowledge of archaeology, anthropology, or paleontology. Hardcover. Color illustrations throughout.

About The Family Meal

What does Ferran Adrià eat for dinner—and how did he feed the hard-working staff at his fabled elBulli? The Family Meal features a month’s worth of three-course menus created for and by Ferran and his team—meals that nourished and energized them for each evening’s service. The recipes feature captioned step-by-step photos for directions and specify quantities need to serve 2, 6, 20, or 75 people. This is not highly conceptualized food: it’s hearty, practical, and budget-conscious. The most unusual piece of kitchen equipment it calls for is a whipped cream siphon. Every meal has an opening course, a main, and a dessert, fish and seafood are abundant, and culinary influences intersect frequently. There’s a dinner comprised of potato salad, Thai beef curry, and strawberries in vinegar and a few pages later one in which you’ll serve noodles with shiitake and ginger, duck with chimichurri sauce, and pistachio custard. Or you can pick and choose as you like. Of all the chef’s books, this has been the global bestseller. Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.
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