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The New Feast: Modern Middle Eastern Vegetarian

The New Feast: Modern Middle Eastern Vegetarian

Greg & Lucy Malouf
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The Maloufs have written extensively about Middle Eastern cooking, and their first vegetarian cookbook drawing on the region shows a confident knowledge of just how much is possible with the framework of traditional ingredients. Many of our customers for this book have not been vegetarians, just cooks in search of lovely flavors, as embodied in recipes such as slow-roasted tomatoes with pomegranate and thyme; baby leeks in saffron vinaigrette with hazelnut crumbs; or a refashioning of North African bisteeya with eggplant instead of poultry. (They dust the crust with pimento sugar for another smart innovation). Those looking for truly traditional recipes may want to seek elsewhere, as the Maloufs are clearly eager to experiment and present the happiest of their appealing results.

Cloth. Color photographs throughout.

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