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OP: Bestiarium Gastronomicae, Signed Copy /S

OP: Bestiarium Gastronomicae, Signed Copy /S

Gyula Madarasz and Andoni Luis Aduriz
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One of the four works in the Cuadernos de Mugaritz series, Bestiarum Gastronomicae (vol 3), draws its inspiration from the paintings of Hungarian naturalist Gyula Madarâs, offering a fanciful world of edible creatures which mimic the leaves, berries, and other elements among which they live. The Cuadernosset, produced under the auspices of the great Spanish restaurant Mugaritz, reflects a whimsical yet passionate obsession with ingredients and fundamental techniques.

This copy is signed by Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz. It is unused and a likely first printing.

Paperback. Color photographs throughout, as well as stickers you place within the book. In Spanish.

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