Testing 1 -2 -3: You get to be part of an experiment!

Testing 1 -2 -3: You get to be part of an experiment!

Hello Cookbook Club Members!

I've been looking for a way for our group to engage more authentically between sessions. I've experienced some limitations with the class page on the 92Y site and wanted to see if a private blog would be easier to engage with. I hope you'll join in and give it a shot!

I'll use this private blog to share photos, videos, cool links, etc. in addition to my regularly scheduled emails. 

What I need from you...

  • Please engage with the content using the comments section. 
  • Please visit weekly to participate in conversation threads in the comments. Note: after you submit your comment, refresh the page to see it on the feed.
  • I still don't have a way for you to post photos, so I will start a new post for each book and add the photos you send me (with your permission).
  • Let me know here or by email if you have any additional questions or concerns. My email: wandereatandtell@gmail.com 

As I said, this is an experiment, so there's a chance it won't work. The only way I'll know is if we try. 

Hope to see you back here soon!

Zoom Recordings

Just a note that the recordings of the Zoom meetings and the regular course materials will continue to be posted by the 92Y on our course page for OFF THE BEATEN PATH.



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  • I am excited about this new addition to our cookbook club! Thanks for making a blog!

    Has anyone found a source for salt cod that they really love?

  • Testing out this process…


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